Helping football athletes live better, healthier, happier lives after their playing days have ended through safer play and advanced equipment.


Troy Horton

President - Troy played his college football at Kansas State University. His passion for the game and desire to promote safety led him to create Gridiron Tech as he looks to make the game safer through technological advancements.


Steve Martin

Area Sales Manager - Steve is the Head Football Coach at Wichita Northwest HS and President of the KFBCA. His passion is making the game of football safer than ever before through better equipment and technique.



Youth Product Tester - A true student of the game, Jayson is passionate about safety & playing the game the right way. Already a standout youth linebacker, he aspires to become the best player he can be in hopes of playing college football.


We get it, Coach… You love the game and you love the athletes that you work with.

You strive to help them learn to not only love the game the way we do, but also to ensure that they play the game the right way.  By “the right way”, we mean everything from technique to sportsmanship.

Football, in our minds, is the greatest sport ever invented and we want to see it live on indefinitely in its truest form. However, football is a violent and dangerous sport when not played the right way. With that said, we believe that the game can be safer than it has been in the past if we all work together to help today’s youngsters learn the best methods of blocking and tackling. It is up to all of us to promote practice safety as well as ensuring that the game is also being regulated and officiated properly.

We are a group of former and current players who are also coaches and leaders in our communities. We believe that football is not only a great game, but also teaches a number of life lessons such as teamwork, perseverance, camaraderie and how to overcome adversity. Gridiron Technologies is a football equipment distributor offering products proven to be technologically superior in prevention of injury & impact detection and was the brainchild of Troy Horton.

Life events and faithful prayer led him to a vision… Perhaps it would be possible to combine his passion for the game of football with his love of technology and maybe there was a way to somehow marry the two in order to make football a safer game through technology.  Thus, Gridiron Tech was born.

Not only are there great advancements in helmet technology and impact sensors, but the internet has blossomed into a great resource for instruction and videos related to the safety of the game. We are working hard to compile the best available resources for you right here. All of the products offered within the website are what we either use, or recommend, with our own athletes. The technique videos are what we teach on the football fields we coach on.

On average, 1 in 5 athletes will sustain a concussion each football season and few parents, coaches & athletic directors are aware of technologies that can dramatically reduce this number.

Research done at Virginia Tech has shown that top rated 5-star helmets can reduce concussion risk by up to 50%. ( Additionally, monitoring the force of impact to a helmet can more readily aid in diagnosing potential injury causing collisions making the game safer for all.

We at Gridiron Tech take a three-fold approach to concussion prevention. The most important thing we can teach young athletes is to strengthen their necks and upper back muscles to stabilize the head during any impact whether it be on the football field, a minor fender bender or falling on a basketball court. The stronger ones neck is, the less susceptible one is to a concussion. (

Secondly, we must teach athletes to eliminate head first contact in all blocking and tackling when playing football. Football Helmets are nothing more than protective gear and should NEVER be used as a weapon.

Third, it’s important to have a the best possible head protection available and we recommend Schutt and  brand football helmets. Schutt allows us to offer 4 of the top 6 helmets in the 2017 NFL Helmet Laboratory Performance Ratings and 8 of the top 12 helmets currently available in the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings.

As authorized distributors of  Schutt football helmets & protective gear, Athlete Intelligence  impact sensor solutions, SportStar chinstraps and Gamebreaker soft shell flag football helmets, we seek to make the game safer through the most advanced technologies available today. We’ve also partnered with ATAVUS Football to help educate coaches on safer, more effective ways to get ball carriers to the ground.

We hope you’ll look to us for safety information, concussion prevention awareness, product updates, pertinent information related to the game of football, and ways to keep your athletes safe on the playing field.

While our livelihood is dependent upon outfitting youngsters with what we believe to be the best protective equipment and helmet impact sensors; we also strive to simply be an educational resource where youth coaches and parents alike can find quality information about concussion recognition and protocol as well as instruction on how to best teach blocking and tackling to keep the boys you love as safe as possible.

Thank you for visiting our site. May God bless you in all you do as we hope to learn how we might best be of service to you and the youngsters you serve!


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WARNING: Football is a dangerous, collision sport where injuries are common. There is no such thing as a concussion proof football helmet and football helmets can not completely prevent concussions. However, the right helmets, when properly fit, can help reduce the risk of more serious injuries. Football helmets are not designed as concussion prevention, but rather as protection against skull fractures, contusions, and lacerations.