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The Shockbox Football Helmet Sensor is designed to be attached inside of a football helmet. The sensor provides an immediate wireless transmission to your Smartphone, via Bluetooth® that the player has experienced a head impact that could result in a concussion. This takes the guess work away from determining when to take a player off the field and seek medical advice.

Product Description


As a trainer, coach or parent, do you know how many hits your athlete is exposed to each game? Each Season? Little league baseball uses a “pitch count” to limit repetitive damage to the elbow area in youngsters – why not limit damage to the brain?

Shockbox® football helmet sensors provide an immediate visual alert that a player has experienced an “at risk hit”, which may have resulted in a concussion. These alerts are sent via long range Bluetooth® transmission up to 325ft (100m) to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Studies have shown that many concussions go undetected or unreported by the athletes and that multiple repeat impacts can lead to serious lifelong physical and cognitive health issues. Shockbox® football helmet sensors are a tool that allows coaches, trainers and parents to keep a history of head impact data for each player; assisting them in making more informed decisions from the sideline for athletes who may be at risk of sustaining a concussion.


Shockbox® Software

• Free Smartphone Apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry (not Z10)
• Pair entire team to 1 phone – up to 128 sensors
• Records date, time, hit direction and force estimate
• Tracks hit count details for each player
• Allows data to be forwarded via email or SMS
• Simple – easy to use software and sensor
• Affordable – no large installation costs
• Battery status and pairing button on sensor
• Attaches inside helmet with Velcro (easy removal)

 Apps Available for Blackberry, iPhone & Android

How does Shockbox work?

Shockbox Helmet Sensor

When attached to a football helmet, Shockbox® football helmet sensors can assess the linear and rotational acceleration magnitude and direction of a hit that may result in a concussion.*  Shockbox® is designed to alert at a threshold of 20g (peak G linear acceleration) to the head by using algorithms to calculate helmet and head acceleration. Based on research from Gwin et al*, it was seen that 86% of impacts in football fall below the 50g threshold. There is a growing body of research indicating that concussions predominantly fall in a range between 70 – 100g (Broglio et al**).

Impact Detection

The Shockbox® software receives data from the sensor and converts it to a visual color coded alert. Each alert indicates that an impact has occurred within a range of Peak G acceleration. Peak G is one of the most reliable and standard methods of head impact biomechanical analysis. The alert provides the user with a quantifiable measure of the head impact in order to start concussion protocols when necessary.
shockbox helmet sensors
Shockbox® Alert Graph


 *No helmet sensor can accurately determine that a blow to the head is concussive


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